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  • A shareholding company was licensed under the decision of the Monetary and Credit Council No. 1140 / B / 4 dated 20/7/2014 according to the provisions of Law No. 24 of 2006 governing the banking profession in the Syrian Arab Republic and in accordance with the provisions of the executive instructions related to it issued by the Monetary and Credit Council And the decisions of the Central Bank of Syria and under the approval of the Ministry of Economy and Trade decision No. 1012 dated 2/6/2014.
  • The aim of the company to carry out the exchange business in accordance with Law 24 of 2006 Headquarter Tartous Street Revolution – Bank of Syria and the Gulf – Minutes 4/2839. A branch was opened in the province of Damascus – the governorate square – in front of the Sham Hotel and in the province of Aleppo – QustakiHomsi
  • The company was registered in the commercial register in Damascus with the number 6534 dated 04/12/2014 and in the register of banknotes with the Central Bank of Syria No. 19 and started its work on 5/22/2015.